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The Presser Foot

  • TX-P Pressor Foot Flat Knitting Machine

    TX-P Pressor Foot Flat Knitting Machine

    This series owns the character of intelligence, differentiation and function, equipped with a unique patented technology of presser foot, on the basis of meeting the high speed and efficient function, but to help customers create more original 3D pattern and Realized more type of fancy yarn knitting, especially showed an excellent advantage on the occasion of course yarn knitting ,more partial knitting,zero-starting and many other occasion when roller could not draw the fabric。stability was greatly enhanced at the same time, zero-waste yarn for course gauge machine was fully realized. And 80%-90%was realized on fine gauge machine. it not only Reduces the material consumption, shortens the production time and also saves cost for customer. This model is the preferred functional model recommended by brand companies and designers.