TS-3D Shoes Upper Knitting Machine

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This serial shoes upper computerized flat knitting machine adopt smaller carriage and fully motor driven operation knitting system ,take use of multiple latest patent technology.

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It owns rapid carriage return ,dynamic density control ,and tight tuck function equipped with high position roller taking down system and latest crossing sinker pressing system which make the pattern of shoes upper structure more abundant and strong 3D effects,Adjustable tight tuck device can fully meet the special needs of the loose or tight tuck structure of the shoe upper, independent pushing needle cam control mechanism, shorten the carriage return time, High-performance servo control technology, the machine's running position is more accurate, and the return is faster. programming system is more intelligent and modularized. operation and production are easier. Suitable for chemical fiber and nature fiber and other mixed material to knit.

Technical Parameters

Model TS336 TS252 TS380
Gauge 12G/14G/16G
Width 36 inch、52 inch、72inch 80 inch
Carriage system Single carriage-double system/three system/four system
Running speed Maximum speed 1.4 m/s
Racking Driven by servo motor,maximum L&R racking distance up to 2 inch
Needle selection system 8 levels of selecting needle, Preliminary needle selection system
Sinker Front and rear crossing type sinker system,support fast needle increasement
Auto-stop system Yarn breakage, yarn knot, rewind, impact, piece finish, overload, Specific line stop, program error etc.
Safety equipment Anti-noise and dust system, infrared detector system emergency stop
Taking down roller  High position roller,segment adjustment
Carriage cam system Innovative designed smaller carriage driven by full motor systemHigher stability and efficiency,Tight tuck cam make pattern more vivid
Power consumption Voltage: AC220V/380V frequency:50Hz/60Hzcapacity: 1.5KW(double system), 2.0KW(three system), 2.5KW(four system)

Technical Features

Initiative smaller carriage design,faster movement,light and stable.


Special sinker system and high-position roller setup, fabric drawing more stable and even. shoes upper with 3D effect.

Adjustable tight tuck device could meet the special requirement of particular structure, independent rising cam design make the carriage returning speed faster.


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