280T Tandem Series Knitting Machine

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The 280T series is a full jacquard machine developed especially for economical knitting of collars, full fashion cardigan and wide knitting fabric, as well as full-width panels and even shaping. Full tandem knitting capability for increased flexibility and high productivity. The 280T series model also features advanced knitting technology such as a new electric direction needle selection system, ceramic wearproof top tensions with easy threading. Combine carriage working as two system knitting 80-inch full needle bed. The 280T ours high performance suitable for the production of a vast assortment of knitted items.

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Tandem And Combine Carriage Working Mode Flexibility
The 280T is equipped two carriages, each with a full direction selection system. Carriage can combine together working as two knitting system and 80-inch full bed knitting in combine mode. Furthermore, shaping capability, multi-piece function support more than 7 pieces knitted independently in one time, without wasting materials through drawn thread divide. Tandem operation in the 280T thereby allows the machine to support a variety of production methods, significantly increasing the flexibility and productivity of the machine.
Carriage tandem model can be used for knitting high quality collar & sleeve. Carriage separate knitting wide 35inch work as two single system machines. Two carriages work same time with same design.


Technical Parameters

Model TC280T/TC280TI
Gauge 12/14/16G
Knitting width 52/80 inch
Knitting system Single system   two carriage 1+1 tandem
Machine speed  maximum speed up to 1.4m/s,128 optional sections, value available from 1-120.
Display 10.4-inch full touch LED display, support multiple language (Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Korean)
Feeder alternation  3pc yarn feeder rail, equipped with 6+6 yarn feeders
Needle bed racking Driven by servo,,maximum L&R racking distance up to 2 inch
Needle bed Equipped with high precision needle bed and cam plate,support transfer function,inserted needle bed(optional)
Top tension device 12pc standard new type single-blade ceramic wear-resistant and anti-static top tension devices (quantity optional)
Yarn feeding device   equipped with high rotation speed double anti-static ceramic roller, and anti-rewinding swing arm yarn feeding device
Drawing device equipped with bigger roller and controlled by torque motor,128 optional sections, adjusting range 1-100
Transmission device servo motor, encoder record carriage position, yarn feeder parking position can be controlled automatically
Pattern design program made by pattern design system, and could be transmitted by u disk or network.
Probe detection sensor auto reset probe sensor, machine system support screening wrong feeder collision alarm
Loop density control High-precision step motor,128 sections, adjustment range 1-180,support dynamic density in each single line
Date  input  USB& RJ45port,512MB storage memory, support remote network transmission for program
Power consumption Voltage:AC220V/380V frequency :50Hz/60Hz capacity:1KW
Safety equipment All covers can reduce noise and dust protection,Infrared  stop sensing , emergency stop,cut-o device

Technical Features


High-precision Needle bed and special needle


Auxiliary roller Make drawing force more even and strong

Application Case


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