TAF – The Intelligent Feeders Serial Knitting Machine

Short Description:

The intelligent self-running feeder flat knitting machine series, feeder movement is not with carriage, controlled by servo motor independently, feeder positioning is more accurate and more stable, carriage movement course was greatly reduced, especially when making intarsia and partial jacquard structure, and may other patterns, knitting efficiency is improved more than average 30%.

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Equipped with 4 pcs arc-shaped feeder rail,16pcs auto motor-driven feeders, the movement of which is controlled by computer up or down. This could precisely realize the knitting of intarsia, inverse plating and reduce running course, to improve knitting efficiency. It is the latest innovative proprietary technology, 16colors Intarsia Structure Can Be Made Maximumly. The Cam System Utilizes Motor-Controlled Needle Raising Structure, Carriage Effective Movement Distance Is Shortened, Carriage Return Become Faster and More Stable.


Technical Parameters

Model TAF252 TAF352
Machine gauge 3G 3.5G 5G 5/7G 7G 9G 10G 12G 14G 16G
Knitting width 52inch、66inch、72inch 、80inch,etc
Knitting speed Maximum 1.4m/s
Display 10.4inch touch screen, support multiple language
Feeder alternation 4pcs feeder rail,8+8 auto running feeder, intarsia and reverse plating structure advantage, knitting efficiency were highly improved
Racking function Controlled by servo motor, maximum L+R movement up to 2inch
Drawing device Stepper motor controlled, high-position roller, special sinker and comb device(optional)
Alarm device Yarn breakage, big knot, racking failure, programming error
Main interface graphical interfaces, easy operation, compatible with usb and network, auto update
Power Ac 220v/380v frequency:50/60hz power consumption:1.5-2kw

Technical Features


feeder movement is not with carriage, controlled by servo motor independently


feeder positioning is more accurate and more stable


carriage movement course was greatly reduced, especially the efficiency of inlay and intarsia structure increased by 200%, it creates more space for designing patterns

Application Case


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