TX-P Pressor Foot Flat Knitting Machine

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This series owns the character of intelligence, differentiation and function, equipped with a unique patented technology of presser foot, on the basis of meeting the high speed and efficient function, but to help customers create more original 3D pattern and Realized more type of fancy yarn knitting, especially showed an excellent advantage on the occasion of course yarn knitting ,more partial knitting,zero-starting and many other occasion when roller could not draw the fabric。stability was greatly enhanced at the same time, zero-waste yarn for course gauge machine was fully realized. And 80%-90%was realized on fine gauge machine. it not only Reduces the material consumption, shortens the production time and also saves cost for customer. This model is the preferred functional model recommended by brand companies and designers.

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Technical Parameters

Model TX252P TX352P TX360P
Gauge: 3G 3.5G 5G 5/7G 7G 9G 10G 12G 14G 16G
Knitting width: 52inch、60inch、72inch 、80inch,etc
System: Double system, three system
Knitting speed: Maximum speed 1.4m/s.
Cam system: Adopts‘the motor driven cam direction -changing system’improve knitting speed and stability. And use 5.2inch cam plate and 6inch cam plate as per functional config. "Three position" knitting technology can simultaneously present "knitting", "tuck", "partial floating " and other stitching methods, needle transfer back and forth can be realized at the same time, not restricted by the carriage direction
Yarn Feeding system: 4 pcs yarn rail,16pcs single hole and double hole yarn feeder.
Roller taking-down system: Adopts two sides of the roller motor drawing system, effectively solve the knitting problem caused by insufficient drawing force, while avoiding the mechanical parts breakage or wear caused by high frequent roller rotation.
Soft ware: MH OR RAYNEN
Knitting function: plain jersey, rib, reverse structure, full needle etc. basic structure, and tuck, jacquard, pointel, cable, racking stitch, yarn plating, terry, intarsia, partial knitting, and other fancy structure.
Presser foot system: Equipped with own patent and independent knitting presser foot system, which is greatly helpful for old-loop release, assist old loop to cast off, and applicable for zero waste yarn setup, more needles big-range increasement, also has excellent function for special fancy yarn knitting and 3D effect pattern knitting while not lose the knitting efficiency. 
Density control: Controlled by Stepper motor, 32 segments selection, adjustable range (0-720) by subdivision technology, with dynamic density function.
Operating system: Using 10.4-inch LED display, graphical interface, USB transmission mode, the system can store a large number of files, according to the production needs at any time to call out, support multi-language switching, simple and efficient
Power: AC220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz, Power Consumption: 1.2KW (two system) 1.5KW (three system) 
Volume and weight: JZX252P :length 2950mm, width 980mm, height 1980mm/ net weight 900kgJZX366P: length 3310mm, width 980mm, height 1980mm/ net weight 1020kg

Technical Features

Assist old loop to cast off avoid stitch missing and improve knitting efficiency, save waste yarn when vast needle increasement


Equipped with high position roller system,driven by double side roller motor.its taking down force not only can be adjusted precisely but also greatly meet the needs when strong force is required when make tight density and thick fabric

Rising cam were controlled by precise motor,carriage return time reduced,knitting efficiency is highly improved


Precise insert needle bed with advanced electroplating technics to ensure high precision requirement

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