Single Carriage Full Jacquard Collar Machine

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New type high efficiency collar knitting machine,controlled by servo system and adopt latest intelligent operating system. equipped with three stable feeder rails, basically realize the automation of density and roller drawing force adjustment. Highly efficient Direct selection system and professional collar machine design and combined special way of assembling and adjustment. equipped with cam plate with needle transfer function and specially designed needle bed. This model of machine can not only make” full knit” plain jersey and variable jacquard fashion. This model vastly applies in high-quality production of variable type of collar and rib and other product.

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With a directly needle selection system, small carriage, makes the machine more effective
Precision needle and 8-segment needle selection system, and the needle plate is quenched by high frequency to meet the production requirements of high-quality collar fabrics.
The use of the increased thickening fabric winding roller design fully meets the higher requirements of the double-sided organization on the drawing force and enhances the smooth performance of the drawing.

Technical Parameters

Gauge 12/14/16G
Knitting width 52/80 inch
Knitting system Single system   two carriage 1+1 tandem
Machine speed  maximum speed up to 1.4m/s,128 optional sections, value available from 1-120.
Display 10.4-inch full touch LED display, support multiple language (Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Korean)
Feeder alternation  3pc yarn feeder rail, equipped with 6+6 yarn feeders
Needle bed racking Driven by servo,,maximum L&R racking distance up to 2 inch
Needle bed Equipped with high precision needle bed and cam plate,support transfer function,inserted needle bed(optional)
Top tension device 12pc standard new type single-blade ceramic wear-resistant and anti-static top tension devices (quantity optional)
Yarn feeding device   equipped with high rotation speed double anti-static ceramic roller, and anti-rewinding swing arm yarn feeding device
Drawing device equipped with bigger roller and controlled by torque motor,128 optional sections, adjusting range 1-100
Transmission device servo motor, encoder record carriage position, yarn feeder parking position can be controlled automatically
Pattern design program made by pattern design system, and could be transmitted by u disk or network.
Probe detection sensor auto reset probe sensor, machine system support screening wrong feeder collision alarm
Loop density control High-precision step motor,128 sections, adjustment range 1-180,support dynamic density in each single line
Date  input  USB& RJ45port,512MB storage memory, support remote network transmission for program
Power consumption Voltage:AC220V/380V frequency :50Hz/60Hz capacity:1KW
Safety equipment All covers can reduce noise and dust protection,Infrared  stop sensing , emergency stop,cut-o device

Technical Features


High-precision Needle bed and special needle


Auxiliary roller Make drawing force more even and strong

Application Case


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