Seeking Excellence in Sweater Manufacturing? Discover Suzhou Tongxing’s Cutting-edge Knitting Machine!

Suzhou Tongxing Intelligent Technology is a forerunner in the textile manufacturing sector, showcasing state-of-the-art innovations in sweater production with our state-of-the-art Sweater Knitting Machine. The textile manufacturing industry moves quickly. We reshape the knitwear manufacturing landscape with a dedication to efficiency and innovation, thereby tackling important pain issues for buyers.


·Intelligent Feeders: Transforming Precision in Knitwear Design

Suzhou Tongxing Intelligent Technology is aware of the difficulties knitwear producers encounter, especially with complex and accurate designs. Intelligent Feeders are a ground-breaking feature of our Sweater Knitting Machine that improves knitwear design accuracy and create more abundant fashion design. By avoiding errors and guaranteeing regular yarn tension, the feeder moves independently and positioning more accurate than ever before, the intelligent feed system improves the overall quality of the finished product.

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·Simple Economics: Cost-Effective Knitwear Manufacturing

In the highly competitive industry of today, cost-effectiveness is critical. The Sweater Knitting Machine from Suzhou Tongxing was designed with simple economics in mind. Our equipment guarantees that every sweater produced is not only for the finest quality but also to save the cost for customer to make their end products more competitive, Customers can now take advantage of higher profit margins without sacrificing the quality of their knitted products.

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·High Efficiency: Meeting Production Demands with Ease

Suzhou Tongxing meets the expectations of the textile industry for efficiency by incorporating High Efficiency features into our Sweater Knitting Machine. Our machine can knit quickly and accurately, which saves a lot of time during production. Now, producers are able to fulfill market demands and strict deadlines without compromising the fine craftsmanship that distinguishes their knitwear.

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·Nonwasted Comb: Sustainability in Knitwear Manufacturing

Suzhou Tongxing takes satisfaction in addressing the growing concern of sustainability in the textile sector with the implementation of the Nonwasted Comb feature. Our Sweater Knitting Machine reduces material waste in the manufacturing process, which is in line with the global trend toward manufacturing that is ecologically responsible. It is now possible for buyers to satisfy consumer needs for sustainable products while upholding strict production guidelines.

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·Presser Foot Innovation: Enhancing Knitwear Quality and Consistency

In the world of knitwear, quality is unavoidable, and Suzhou Tongxing is aware of this. An inventive Presser Foot mechanism in our Sweater Knitting Machine guarantees fabric complexity during the knitting process. 

To help customers create more original 3D pattern and Realized more type of fancy yarn knitting, especially showed an excellent advantage on the occasion of course yarn knitting more partial knitting.

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·Full jacquard Collar knitting machine : Super fine gauge 20G 80 inch width needle bed with high productivity and multifunctional feature

 collar knitting machine



·Contact us for a Seamless Transition to Advanced Knitwear Manufacturing

Manufacturers are invited by Suzhou Tongxing Intelligent Technology to embrace the knitwear production of the future. Our Sweater Knitting Machine is a sustainability, accuracy, and efficiency revolution rather than merely a tool.

At the ITMA AISA+CITME exhibition in Shanghai in November 2023, our intelligent feeder products, ultra-fine needle 20G and collar knitting machine received unanimous praise from our customers.

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